Township Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Licenses cannot be purchased online.  We take cash, checks or money orders as payment.


Yes,  bushes must be tied and placed at the curb neatly.   Tree limbs must be cut in 4′ lengths and tied and placed at the curb or in a barrel. 



Dirt should not be put with lawn and leaf debris. Only grass clippings, leaves, branches (cut and tied), and shrubbery are acceptable. 


Lawn and leaf debris can only be placed in garbage cans or paper bags. These bags can be purchased at Lowes, Home Depot, Costco, etc.



Yes you do.  You, your fiancé and a witness must make an appointment to come in.

No.  Currently we only give them out in the Fall (November) . We will post an announcement on the Saddle Brook webiste and Social Meida pages.

Please call the Building Department at 201-843-7111 for information on permits.

If you miss your lawn and leaf day,  pickup will be the following week. 

Yard Waste Collection Schedule

The Township is divided by four sections.  *Please remove all cars from roadways between 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for Street Sweeper.

Section 1 – Every Monday :

All streets from Wilson Street south to Colonial Avenue; from Fairlawn Parkway west to North Midland Avenue.

Section 2  – Every Tuesday : 

All streets from South Broadway south from Fairlawn Parkway east to Saddle River Road including Jamros Terrace, Kuhn Drive, Bell Avenue, Birk St. and Riverview Avenue

Section 3 – Every Wednesday : 

All Streets from Market Street, Southside of Market Street only, south to Outwater Lane, from Hollywood Avenue west to Midland Avenue

Section 4 – Every Thursday :

All Streets from Pehle Avenue south to Market Street (north side of Market Street only), from Saddle River Road



You must call the building department for a permit application at (201) 843-7111

Building Department Forms

Township Forms

Yes, vehicles can be parked overnight on the street provided there is no specific “No Parking” sign. Street parking is also suspended during snowfall that is more than 2 inches to allow for plowing of the Township streets.

Trash pickup is every Wednesday and Saturday for the entire Township.  If there is not to be  trash pickup due to a Holiday or Emergency,  the Township will post the modified pickup schedule on the Saddle Brook website and Social Media Pages.  To look up trash, recycling, and special pickups for your street go to:

For further information, please call the Saddlle Brook DPW at 201-843-3064

Trash haulers do not take railroad ties.  Call the BCUA (201-807-5825) for more information.


This is for your records only.  The information was forwarded to your mortgage company for payment.

30 lbs.



Leaf bags are given out in the fall (October, November) 10  bags to a house.

We pick up lawn and leaf debris all year except when it snows. After snow removal is complete, lawn and leaf pickup is resumed.


If it’s holiday Monday -Thursday and the DPW is off, we will pick up your lawn & leaf debris on Friday.

Building permits can be downloaded from the Building Department or General Forms pages (See below for the links).

Building Department Forms

Township Forms

The Saddle Brook Police Department is located at 63 Market Street, Saddle Brook, NJ.

The telephone number is: (201) 843-7000

For emergencies, always dial 911

Town Hall is located at 93 Market Street, Saddle Brook, NJ.

Trash haulers do not take tires.  There is some information on the BCUA website  (See below).

To dispose of tires, inquire at a tire facility.  There may be a fee to dispose of them.   

BCUA Telephone: (201) 641-2552

BCUA Website:



They might have changed their normal routine.  They have until 5:00 pm to pick up your garbage.