Saddle Brook Little League


The Saddle Brook Little League (SBLL) offers baseball instruction for children between 4 and 12 years of age. It was established in 1953. Saddle Brook Little League maintains two fields in town, Nedellec Field on Saddle River Road and Victor Field on the corner of Victor St. and Kern Place.

The SBLL is an independent organization that does not receive funds from Saddle Brook Township.  The League supports itself through Registration Fees and Fundraising.

SBLL starts practices in March or each year.  Opening Day is in April with a parade and ceremony.  Games start on Opening Day and run through early June.

Travel teams are created for District and Inter-Town play during the Summer (Late June through July).  SBLL competes in District 5.

The League hosts a Home Run Derby each Spring and all players receive participation trophies at the end of the Spring Season.


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11U Team

The Saddle Brook U11 team has been playing baseball since the beginning. Each player brings their on style and personality to the team which makes this team a special bunch of kids. These kids love baseball, if you have seen one of our games are kids never give up even if they lose a game, they never called it “losing” they called it “learning”. There is so much too say about this team but the bottom line is these kids love playing baseball love being Falcons.

These players started this year in January practicing non stop. These players have practice in the bitter cold, extreme heat and everything in between. These players have become family on and off the field. No matter where they are or what they are doing you can always seen them together.

On October 26 2019 the Saddle Brook Falcons will be playing Tuxedo Thunder at Boulder Stadium in Rockland County,New York.

Coaches : Mark Nuziatto
John Way
Frank Raineri
Matt Benes



The Saddle Brook Falcons 11U won over the weekend 5-1 over the Tuxedo Thunder at Boulder Stadium.

The Falcons had a great experience there, using the professional size batting cages, pitching mound for warmups, hanging out inside the dugout, etc. Hearing their names as they took the field and got up to bat.  

This was an experience for them that they would never forget.

A big thank you has to go to John Tuohy, President of Saddle Brook Little league , and Team coaches Mark N. John W. Frank R. And Matt B. these guys made it happen for these kids.


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