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Welcome to the Official Page of the Saddle Brook Volunteer Fire Dept.

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If you are looking to help the SBFD there are several ways to do so.

  • We are a 100% Volunteer Fire Dept and have a fund drive once a year. It starts off by mailing out letters with donation forms and then is followed up by a walk around town to every residence knocking on the doors of those who did not donate, by mail, to speak with them. If you are able to make a donation it would greatly be appreciated and we thank your for your constant support.
  • Training is an extremely important thing in the fire service. You can never have enough training as you refresh your memory or make yourself a better firefighter. Vehicle extrication’s are very common in our township do to the fact we have three major     highways that run through town and some tough turning streets in town. If you are getting rid of a vehicle you can contact any firehouse on Tuesday night after 7PM or the Chiefs office to donate your car so we may practice using our Hurst Tools and equipment, aka “Jaws of Life”. Since we do not have our own training facility in town we utilize multiple county fire academy’s throughout the state and even send members to Baltimore FDIC training to further educate themselves and practice our techniques. Since no house or building layout is exactly the same we look for any building in town that may be getting remodeled or torn down so we may practice in there. We would fill it up with smoke and practice search techniques or advancing hose lines etc….If you are willing to allow us to train on your house/building before it is torn down please contact any firehouse on a Tuesday night after 7PM or the Chiefs office.
  • Membership- The SBFD is all volunteer and anyone may join as long as your are between the ages of 16 and 55, live in Saddle Brook and can pass a medical examination. If you join you will be required to go to fire school and must pass a firefighter 1 course to become a firefighter in the State of NJ. If you are interested in joining please contact any firehouse on Tuesday night after 7PM or the Chiefs office.
  • The SBFD has a Juniors Program for volunteers between 16 to 18 years old. For more information email us at or stop by any of our Fire Houses on any Tuesday night between 7:00 and 8:30 pm.


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In Memoriam

It is with deep regret the Department announces the passing of Roy DeJulia, Firefighter/Former Battalion Chief of Engine Company 2. Roy was a dedicated member of the Department for 40 plus years. May he rest in peace.

January 26, 2024