Hook & Ladder Co.1

55 Mayhill Street (Central)

Hook and Ladder 2022-1Hook and Ladder Truck

Hook and Ladder Company
Market Street
Engine 3, Ladder 3, Marine3

Battalion Chief Dan Sawicki
Captain Rob Knobloch
Lieutenant Chris Sloma, Ex-Chief
Engineer Ladder 3 Kevin Koostra
Engineer Engine 3 Terrance Hannon

F. Baez Probationary FF
J. Caroselli
F. DiBella 25+ Years
A. Gatto 50+ Years Ex-Chief
S. Giovia 25+ Years, Ex-Chief
P. Healy Probationary FF
D. Higgins 25+ Years
D. Higgins Jr.
G. Hondors Probationary FF
V. Iaquez
R. Knobloch
K. Kooistra 25+ Years
V. Khosid Probationary FF
M. Maniscalo
A. Majkowicz 25+ Years, Ex-Chief
D. Milelnicki Asst. Chief
G. Miller 50+Years
R. Picinich
B. Pizzuto 25+Years
O. Pizzuto Probationary FF
D. Sawicki
K. Seitz 25+ Years
M.Seitz 25+ Years, Ex-Chief
C. Sloma 25+ Years, Ex-Chief
Z. Sloma Probationary FF

Retired Apparatus - Ladder Trucks

Retired Apparatus - Engines

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