Saddle Brook Recreation Basketball

Comissioner: Mike DeVito


The Saddle Brook Basketball program's goal is to develop and/or maintain a sense of well being and self-satisfaction through participation and experiences that are conducted either for pleasure or for achievement of physical, social or emotional successes. Functions are developed and planned to emphasize education, skill development and entertainment in a safe and positive setting. Our ultimate goal being, to have fun and create a feeling of well being through organized activities where health, education and social adjustment are the underlying foundation.

We have focused our attention to providing a comprehensive schedule of various basketball related activities for children in grades 3 thru 8. These activities contribute to the increased learning and better social adjustment of each participant. The games we do will help develop desired social traits such as self-control, friendliness, courtesy, obedience, positive self-esteem and habits of fair play. While providing these kinds of activities, we must hold the child’s interest and realize that the quality of our coaches will have a serious influence on the child’s participation and success.

The promotion of all-around development of boys and girls, and meeting their needs and desires is essential. To accomplish this, we must instill a high level of motivation and personal satisfaction within our coaches and the participants involved in the program. The idea of having fun through organized activity while putting emphasis on health, physical fitness and a feeling of well being is our ultimate goal. We want every participant to gain something from his/her experience in our activities that promotes a positive attitude, fosters self-confidence and contributes to their social and emotional needs.

Registration - Occurs in September each year
Team Focus - Recreation and Travel Teams
Eligibility - All Boys and Girls in Grades 3 through 8
Locations - Recreation and Travel Home Games/Practices are played in SBHS, SBMS, Long Memorial School, and Smith School. Depending on volume of players registered in a division, some rec games may play surrounding towns recreation teams.

All recreation players do play a minimum of 1/2 the game. Travel Teams, which a player would tryout to play for, does not have minimum playing time, although coaches are encouraged to get all players in for every game.