The main stay of any police department is the Patrol Division. The Saddle Brook Police Department is no exception. Our Department’s Patrol Division is under the direction of Captain Leigh Cadigan.

The main function of the Patrol Bureau is to randomly patrol the Township and be the first responder to calls for service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to the daily functions, the division is involved in various specialty programs as well.

  • Motor Vehicle Inspection Checkpoints – in conjunction with the NJ Motor Vehicle Services
  •  D.W.I. Patrols / Checkpoints – directed patrol to deter and catch drunken drivers on predetermined days and times
  • S.N.A.P. – placement of an officer in the area of the Township schools during those times where children are present. The goal is interact with the school community and also deter any criminal activity in the area of the children and the school. 
  • Township Escorts – escort the Township’s fund to and from various banking institutions.
  • Safety Town – summer pre-school safety program