Saddle Brook Police Department

Chiefs of Police

The following officers have served the Saddle Brook Police Department in the office of Chief of Police since its inception as the Township of Saddle River Police Department in 1942, its change over to the Township of Saddle Brook in 1958 until the present. They are listed in reverse order of their time in service as leader of our department. The years listed next their names indicate the time spent in the office as Chief of Police


Robert J. Kugler 1995 – Present

Paul A. Jacob 1991 – 1994

John J. Rendzia 1990 – 1991

Floris J. Wissekerke 1987 – 1990

Lars E. Olsen 1975 – 1987

Stephen J. Hrubec 1959 – 1974

Charles Imperato 1942 – 1959