The Saddle Brook Police Department’s Mobile Speed Trailer is designed to facilitate the police department’s efforts in promoting speed limit compliance. Approaching motorists see their speed clearly displayed on large 20″ characters below the static speed limit sign. Their speed is legible from a distance of approximately 1000 ft. By increasing public awareness of speed limits and the monitoring of same, the mobile speed trailer produces lower average speeds and a safer traffic environment without using valuable law enforcement personnel.

In addition to its ability to display speeds, the mobile speed trailer can be equipped with a special computer to perform traffic surveys at locations picked by the police department.

The mobile speed trailer was purchased by the Saddle Brook Veteran’s of Foreign Wars (V.F.W.) Post 3484 and donated to the Saddle Brook Police Department in late 1998. Since its inception, the trailer has had a positive effect on traffic and the perception of the residents living in the area that it has been placed. The Saddle Brook Police Department is eternally grateful to the members of V.F.W. Post 3484 for their generous donation and the continuing effort to make Saddle Brook the best place to live.